Guest Blog – Event Technology Revolution in 2017

2017 is slated to be a revolutionary year when it comes to event technology, and three months in we have already seen advances and solutions created.

1.  Personalized Experiences

Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and many other technology events caught the world by shock when they began creating experiences and suggestions based on their user’s preferences. These customized solutions are now being revolutionized into the event technology world.

Personalized event technology is here! From tailored experiences within mobile event apps to personalized ‘swag’ – the changes and customization in 2017 are brightly changing the event tech world

2.  Enhanced Event Automation for Attendees

Building on the experiences of events, seminars, and conferences of 2016 – 2017 will bring enhanced event experiences, through the utilization of event automation. Registration(both pre-event and onsite) engagement, check in for sessions and more – will all begin to be fully automated.

This enhanced event automation will bring with it increased opportunities for attendees – including quicker access to CE credit approvals.

3. Event Networking Apps

In times past, attendees at events and conferences would pre-order thousands of their business cards, a business card holder for their pocket, and a portfolio to hold each of the cards they collected from other attendees at the event. Eventually technology began to make lead retrieval easier with the invention of bar code scanners, but one problem remained – connecting with the right people.

With events and conferences having a limited duration – it is essential that connections make sense. In 2017, event networking apps have taken the guess work out of with whom to connect. MeetingPlay’s latest release of mobile event apps and our proprietary algorithm within it – allow attendees, exhibitors and sponsors alike – to connect with, attract, and prioritize their desired matches before the event – optimizing time and experiences onsite.

4. Beacon Technology

From navigating an exhibition floor, to providing exhibitors and sponsors an easier solution to lead retrieval – Beacon technology continues to revolutionize the event experience in 2017.

Integrated within the event app, Beacon technology allows event and conference organizers to create interactive, wayfinding maps for trade show floors. It also provides sales representatives at booths an easy way to collect lead/attendee information, without having to have a bulky scanner, while also being able to collect valuable metrics such as how long an attendee engaged with a booth.

In Conclusion

From the advancement of mobile technology to the withdrawal of traditional event solutions, this year is onboard to be an even more exciting and technology advanced year for events!


Blair Pettrey

MeetingPlay | Senior Online Marketing Manager