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AIMC Chairman Bill Hudson Leads Interactive Forum at ASAE Association International Conference

WASHINGTON, DC, April 5, 2011 – Bill Hudson, Chairman of the Alliance for International Meetings & Commerce (AIMC) and the President and CEO of the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA), brought two of his top GCCA executives to the recent ASAE Association International Conference to lead a special “Speak Your Mind” interactive forum at the event.
The session came near the end of the two-day conference in Washington, DC and was an opportunity for the sold-out crowd of 150 attendees to assess what they learned and share ideas in small-group discussions facilitated by members of the ASAE International Section Council.
Hudson and GCCA Director of International Programs Richard Tracy began by outlining the extensive GCCA global initiatives, which are focused on building and improving the “cold chain” capacity for the safe storage and transport of food products in developing nations. The programs include extensive education and training programs and, in many countries, the launch of new national associations of cold chain professionals.
This background set the stage for GCCA Vice President Corey Rosenbusch to facilitate a discussion among attendees about key areas of international development for U.S.-based associations.
“This is exactly the type of information sharing about international programs that we foster through AIMC, and we were thrilled to have an opportunity for our AIMC Chairman to bring it to the ASAE Association International Conference,” said Jack Sammis, President & CEO of IMN Solutions, the association, meetings, and foundation management group that founded and manages AIMC.
AIMC was founded nearly 30 years ago as the Foundation for International Meetings, a group that held annual international meeting tradeshows in Washington, DC and conducted frequent site inspection trips to international meeting destinations for association CEOs and meeting professionals.
As the scope of international activities among large U.S.-based associations increased, IMN Solutions rebranded the group as AIMC, recognizing that both meetings and commerce are critical components of these programs.
AIMC is now developing a series of programs similar to this interactive forum to offer in the Washington, DC association market in coming months. AIMC will also partner with ASAE again next year for its Association International Conference, which will be held May 1-3, 2012 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. It will immediately precede the ASAE Springtime Expo, allowing international exhibitors the opportunity to gain exposure at both events.
“What this event demonstrated is that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in international strategy and programs among associations in this area,” Sammis explained. “Virtually every industry and profession operates in an integrated global market, and associations need to extend their programs, meetings, and business opportunities internationally.
“Through our programs, we plan to unlock the knowledge of those associations that have achieved success and share it with the entire association community.”
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About AIMC
The Alliance for International Meetings and Commerce (AIMC) unites partners throughout the international meetings and tourism industries to be a broad network of leaders and aspiring professionals powered by education and communication with resources to develop and promote global commerce opportunities. With over 25 years of experience, AIMC provides a source of global resources on destinations and guidelines and educates associations seeking guidance to take their meetings global or expand the reach of their industry.